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Android GPS Navigasyon Uygulaması LD-Log - GPS Tracker & Logbook v6.2.1 (Full Version)

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Gönderim tarihi: 30 / Aralık / 2016 / Cuma - 13:26

LD-Log - GPS Tracker & Logbook v6.2.1 (Full Version)
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: LD-Log is an offline GPS track logger for a wide range of uses. It is specialized in battery-efficient long-term tracking and can be used as a travel notebook or a nautical logbook for sailors.

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LD-Log tracks your travel routes using the device's GPS receiver. Waypoints are taken either manually or automatically with a user-definable interval set in minutes. As such, the app is designed to consume very little battery power.

In addition LD-Log offers a tracking mode, allowing you to record your movements by the second. You may switch precise tracking on and off while you are logging.

The editable waypoint-list for each route of your trip lets you create a detailed diary of your complete journey. Add photos to your waypoints by shooting them directly from LD-Log or importing them at a later time. Trips, routes and journals may be stored in many different ways.

LD-Log has an integrated bearing compass as well as an optionally usable sail mode for offshore sailing which makes it possible to keep a complete nautical ship's log.

LD-Log is being used to document a wide range of travel situations: hikes, bicycle tours, cruises, city walks, voyages, road trips, ship and boat tours, photo geotagging, collecting geo locations (POI), etc. - for professional usage or on holidays.

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