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Android Uygulama XperiaÖ Transfer Mobile v2.2.A.4.12

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G├Ânderim tarihi: 08 / Kas─▒m / 2016 / Sal─▒ - 19:33

XperiaÖ Transfer Mobile v2.2.A.4.12
Requirements: 4.0 and up
Overview: XperiaÖ Transfer Mobile is an ultra-easy, safe, and simple app thatĺll help you move your contacts, messages, photos, and much more from your old smartphone or tablet to your new Sony XperiaÖ.

G├Ânderilen Resim

What can be transferred to XperiaÖ*:
Ľ Contacts
Ľ Calendar
Ľ Call log
Ľ Text messages (SMS)
Ľ Multimedia messages (MMS)
Ľ Notes
Ľ Photos
Ľ Music
Ľ Videos
Ľ Documents
Ľ Apps***
Ľ Apps data****
Ľ Settings (XperiaÖ only)
Ľ Home layouts (XperiaÖ only)
Ľ Email accounts (XperiaÖ only)
Ľ Wi-Fi settings (XperiaÖ only)

Transfer from**:
Ľ Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and later versions. Not limited to XperiaÖ products.
Ľ iPhoneÖ, iPadÖ, and iPodÖ with iOS 4.0
Ľ Windows Phone 8.0 and later versions.

Available transfer methods:
Ľ Xperia to XperiaÖ: Cloud, Wi-Fi Direct, USB, or computer (XperiaÖ Companion)
Ľ Android to XperiaÖ: Wi-Fi Direct, USB, or computer (XperiaÖ Companion)
Ľ iOS to XperiaÖ: USB, Wi-Fi, iCloud, or computer (XperiaÖ Companion)
Ľ Windows Phone to XperiaÖ: USB

Transfer to:
Ľ Sony XperiaÖ limited to Android 4.4 (KitKat) and later versions
Visit Secured URL to learn more about XperiaÖ Transfer and find out how to transfer your precious content to your new Sony XperiaÖ.

* XperiaÖ Transfer Mobile can be used with any Android smartphone complying with the Android OS version requirements. Please note that depending on the old device capabilities, all content may not be transferred correctly or completely. In case of valuable content, please verify the result of the transfer afterwards. Please also note that data synced with online services, such as contacts, wonĺt be transferred.

** In order to transfer you may need to use the XperiaÖ Transfer cable (USB host). For wireless transfer of content between Android devices, Wi-Fi Direct support is required on both devices.

*** When transfering from iOS Xperia Transfer Mobile will suggest corresponding apps or similar apps that are suitable for your new Sony XperiaÖ.

Transfer via iCloud when your old device is iOS 9 or later is now working.

This app has No advertisements

More Info:
<p style="margin: 5px; font-family: Arial; font-size: 12px; color: #707070; text-align: center;">https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...transfermobile

Download Instructions:
Secured URL

Secured URL
Secured URL

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