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iPhone Oyun Sports Game App

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#1 Sebastian.

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Gönderim tarihi: 16 / Ağustos / 2016 / Salı - 01:44

Hey Forum,

I'm a new member here hoping to expand my portfolio. So I figured that in order to grow my Portfolio, I will to Let people know of a Great Opportunity I have found. Currently I am working with a team of people on the United Gaming App, not sure if you ever heard of it. It supposed to be the next step in Daily Fantasy Sports.

I like to think of it like this. Draft King and Fan Duel are like the game mobile app Ingress. Ingress had a loyal following of a very niche players. It was a great game that had great ideas and structure. It's only issue was that it really did not appeal to the masses. DK and FD are great but they don't appeal to the masses of Sports viewers ,ie. Fantasy Players and International fans. Do you know what the developers of Ingress made next after they figured out a way to open up there ideas to the masses ? Pokemon Go. The United Gaming App will do the same thing by expanding the base of players to international and casual players. Imagine instead of wagering on a game you can wager on a play within the game. So you don't need to be the greatest Sports mind to make some change.

Check this site it will give you some more info.

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