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Blackberry Uygulaması Full Bluetooth File Sharing

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Gönderim tarihi: 24 / Eylül / 2014 / Çarşamba - 16:47

Bluetooth File Sharing allows you to access your files via Bluetooth. Unlike the built-in BlackBerry Bluetooth file transfer support, it provides means to browse folders and to upload/download multiple files at once. This is achieved by implementing the industry-standard Bluetooth File Transfer profile (server). This app is compatible with Windows 7/Vista/XP/Vista/2000 with WIDCOMM/Broadcom or BlueSoleil stack. Please note that Microsoft and Toshiba Bluetooth stacks are not supported. This app is also compatible with Mac OS X, Ubuntu 9.x and above, Windows Mobile 6.x+ and any other operating system, device or application which supports Bluetoth file browsing. Instructions: 1) On the BlackBerry smartphone, activate Bluetooth FTP mode. 2) On the PC, pair the BlackBerry smartphone then: - on Windows,
1. After you installed BlueSoleil, plug in the adapter or open the built-in bluetooth, operate BlueSoleil start.
2.Make sure your cell phone opened and in the mode that could be detected, smart phones now have a special option set, BlueSoleil can search it during the limited period
3. Double-click "the sun" or "the moon" (the state of the evening)in the middle of the interface or right-click to choose search equipment.
4. If the mobile phone can be searched, the icon of the mobile phone will appear on BlueSoleil interface.
5. When the mobile phone icon appears, double-click /right click the icon to match with the mobile phone, once successed there will be a green tag at the right corner of the mobile phone icon. If prompt for a password, you should input the same password on the cell phone and computer , otherwise it can prompt that they are not match.
6. If they match successfully, right-click /double-click the phone icon, search service. After that, you can find several supporting services of your phone.
7. If your phone support bluetooth file transfer service, congratulations that you can access to the files in your phone on the computer, so you can operate the files in a mobile phone.
8. Right-click the phone icon, select the bluetooth file transfer service( FTP), or click the phone icon, find the bluetooth file transfer service on the top row, right click to open.
9. Click the bluetooth file transfer service(FTP), open the dialog box.
10. You can receive an alert tips, click ok, the files on your phone can display on the computer.
11. If your phone havet received the tips, right-click the blank space to choose to update the current file.
12. After you Click ok on the mobile phone, the files of the mobile phone will be displayed on the computer,
As shown below:
13. Now you can operate the files, you can view the pictures, view documents on the computer, you can copy the files on your phone to the computer,either in turn, (note: in the process of operation, phone always receive the FTP prompt, only after click ok the files can be transmitted).
This graph: Transmit files from PC to mobile phones. (if it is a smart phone, it will establish a Bluetooth catalog in your SD card. If not, it will transfer to the Receive catalog )
14. The files location: click the sun , then right-click the file transfer service, choose to view the Shared folder
15. How to set the path of the bluetooth file transfer service: select the sun, then right-click the file transfer service, select properties, then click options .Click the application in a modified form.

Notes: You need to have bluesoleil stack full version for this. I am using 10.0.417(crackable, not .477 from my exp). Also, you have to re-pair after enabling bluetooth ftp in your bb and dont close that app, it should run in the background, dont press back button! You may press red button.
Refer screenshots! Enjoy!
App download link:

Password for rar file:

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