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iPhone Uygulama [K] AnyRing 6.10a

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#1 sawdent

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Gönderim tarihi: 24 / Kasım / 2012 / Cumartesi - 00:06

Gönderilen ResimGönderilen ResimGönderilen ResimGönderilen ResimGönderilen Resim

With AnyRing you can easily select any song on your iPhone (or Record you own voice) to play as a Ringtone and also change the SMS Ring. AnyRing even lets you select the starting/ending point in the song to play when the ringtone is played in real-time.
Does not require any audio conversion of any type!
It also lets you transfer Ringtones over Bluetooth to/from other iPhone devices running AnyRing.
* Transfer Ringtones over Bluetooth (iPhone 2G not supported).
* Select any song on your device (iPod Application) to act as a Ringtone.
* No Audio/File conversion needed.
* Select start and ending point in song to play as Ringtone and loop through them until you answer the call.
* Enable/Disable Vibration when playing Ringtone.
* Easy & Fast interface.
* Play the final Ringtone from the application itself.
* Simply drag any song to itunes, sync and select it from AnyRing to set it as your default Ringtone.
* Set short Ringtone to play as SMS alert sound.
See the Screenshots below

v 6.10a
* Added support for iOS 6 & iPhone 5.
* Non-Trial and Non-Registered users can now also download/export Ringtones for FREE.
* Added more than 700,000+ Ringtones to 'AnyRing Store'.
* 99.99% of Ringtones in Store are FREE !.
* Store is updating with more than 500 Ringtones every day.
* Added more engines to 'Free Ringtones' screen.
* Changed 'Free Ringtones' screen UI/Graphics.
* Fixed 'Free Ringtones' screen broken engines.
* Improved 'YouTube' downloader popup.
* Fixed Email Ring not working on some devices.
* Fixed Bluetooth transfer not displaying correct Peer name.
* Fixed stretched contact image.
* Added 'Send Ringtone' via email to Ringtone options screen.
* Moved 'Activation' screen into 'More' screen.
* Added Drag-to-Refresh to 'Free Ringtones' & 'AnyRing Store'.
* Changed sharing icon and sharing selection popup to also support iOS 6.
* Added sharing support for Weibo.
* Clicking a .m4r file in email/iFile will open the file in AnyRing.
* Improved 'Recommend to Friend' in 'About' screen.
* More than 90+ bug + UI fixes.
* Added support for armv7s (iPhone 5).

[NOTE] This app is pre-activated, so just install it and use it. Do not click on "DONT CLICK!" button or you'll have to uninstall the app and install it again!


FabiusGönderilen Resim</img><br/>Gönderilen Resim</img>

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