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Android Oyunu Rubber Tacos v1.0.17

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#1 Sebastian.

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G繹nderim tarihi: 24 / Kas覺m / 2012 / Cumartesi - 00:24

Help the Taco family as they set out to snag all the red peppers that have been stolen by the crazy pi鎙ta. With over 120 caliente levels and countless special moves, you’re sure to develop a hankering for this particular hot sauce.

Fly over the grumpy cactus, avoid the dangerous crab claws, and grab all of the peppers in 4 frenzied food-filled chapters!

Use anything you see in the game to create your own levels that you can share with your friends!

With new levels being created every minute, there’s always something new in Rubber Tacos!

Want to see who the best lucha truly is? Challenge your friends on a level that YOU created, or any level in the game, to see who really deserves to be the King of the Act.


  • 120 levels of bouncing madness
  • 4 exciting chapters
  • 5 unique characters
  • Extreme power-ups
  • Create and share levels
  • Challenge your friends
  • Leaderboards

Required Android O/S : 3.0+




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