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Android Uygulama Smart Unit Converter v1.5.0

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#1 mobildepo

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Gönderim tarihi: 23 / Kasım / 2012 / Cuma - 06:12

This is a Universal Unit Converter. The Smart Unit Converter (aka. SuniCon) is packed with 1200+ units separated into 90+ categories:- No ads (but require Network Access to get Currency Exchange Rates)
- Clean interface and Smart behavior.
- Easy to chose an unit by typing anything related to it ("km", "length", "distant"..)
- History of recently used units
- Target filtering
- Currency Converter
In order to make a conversion, most of Unit converter Apps requires to select a category, then select a base unit, a target unit.. SuniCon is the only one that filter text to quickly select a unit. (The traditional way is also supported anyway).
Almost conversion data is built base on ConvertPad - the most popular Unit Converter app on the Android platform.
** About currencies exchanges:
- Some (others) apps uses two-steps conversions, for example: to convert 500 EUR to JPY, it firstly converts 500 EUR to USD then convert from USD to JPY. So these apps have to store (and update) only the exchange rates data of USD. If these apps support 160 currencies, they will store and update only 160 rates numbers each time.
- SuniCon try to get (and store offline) the direct exchange rates data EUR-JPY whenever possible in order to make direct conversions from EUR to JPY. In the reverse case, you want to convert from JPY to EUR, SuniCon will not evens re-use the EUR-JPY rate (above) if the direct rate JPY-EUR is available. In other words, SuniCon tries to manage 160^4 rates numbers.
- But the 160^4 rates numbers is too much to be available or to be retrieved from the Internet. SuniCon implements a sophisticate calculation policy to make currency conversion as accurate as possible depends on data it needed and data it can retrieve. It will used direct-conversion whenever possible, otherwise inverse-conversion or two-steps conversions (like others apps).
- The exchange rates data of SuniCon comes from TheMoneyConverter.com (for 90 principals currencies) and from Yahoo Finance (for the others). Please let me know if there are more reliable FREE data sources.
- Background Update Currency Rate is not supported for now. So nothing runs underground.
** Features/Fix in development (Not avaiables yet)
- Add / Remove / Edit new or existing categories / units.
- Keep history and explorer configuration after each update.
- Add some more Categories.
So, keep your installation up to date. Feedback is welcome. Please mail to me instead of giving an unfavorable rate. Thank you.

1.5.0 (big update)
- New: 160+ Currencies Exchange (See description)
(require Network Access to get currencies rates)
- New: Enable / Disable unused categories & units (to improve filtering)
(By default, only 10+ categories and 90 currencies are enabled).
- New: Setting Panel - allow to Change the precision level
- Improve interface on landscape mode
- New icon
- Unit Picker in Tree Mode / List Mode
- Fix Tab Header




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