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Android Oyunu Sword of Inferno v1.01.02

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G├Ânderim tarihi: 23 / Kas─▒m / 2012 / Cuma - 00:19

Sword of Inferno v1.01.02
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: CWAGAMEĺs new epic Action RPG

CWAGAMEĺs new epic Action RPG

Forged by the Hellfire, the strongest elite weapon Sword of Inferno comes to its unique born!
Come to the battlefield on the back of a dragon holding awesome sword and wearing gorgeous armor, bring endless ashes to enemies!

CWAGAMEĺs new epic Action RPG with a new design concept which combines actions and touch screen together to reveal the touch screen action game perfectly!

The game is based on a theme of western magic with a suspense storyline and detailed graphics!

The world stage is extremely immense with dozens of different magnificent dungeons. You will travel in the magic world with numerous monsters for you to slay!

As a destined hero, you have to fight against dragons or even ride them!

And you can also build the strongest magic weapons and divine armors.

The players can play 4 roles in the game thanks to multiple characters feature. Each character is designed independently and has clear specialities from appearance to attack mode as well as skills and talents. In addition, a companion can be hired to fight for you in the game.

The greatest advantage of the game is the consideration of controls for touch screen devices. The control concept of the game has been re-designed specifically for touch screens.

With a companion by your side and a blade in your hand!

Do you feel your passion for it? Then what are you waiting for, my hero?

Play now and begin to create your own legendary adventure!

Multiple Characters: There are 4 powerful characters with different identities and capacities to select from. In the world of Sword of Inferno, you can not only perform melee attacks against enemies with armor and sword, but also turn into a magic wielder to assist your teammates using powerful spells and wisdom! Each character has unique skills, attack modes and gameplay modes.
Employment System: Players can employ a companion to fight together before battles, adding strength in those dangerous levels. Rich attack modes and skills depend on different groups your make up.
Talent System: As you level up, more talent points can be earned to enhance your skills. You are able to choose your favorite methods of upgrading to write your own mythology!
Crafting Equipments: Mighty Bosses in ancient dungeons will drop various rare recipes that you can use to further strengthen your equipments and craft more unique magic weapons. With your abilities, itĺs easy to cast ancient weapons!
Controls: You can simply slide your finger across the empty area of the screen to move
your character around. Itĺs very comfortable and user-friendly to control without the old virtual-key mode. The whole battle between millions of troops is just on your finger!
☆Auto-attack - you can perform amazing combos automatically by simply moving your character near an enemy. ☆Specifically designed and built for touch screen action games. New design, new experience!

Whats New:
1. More money drops for Thanksgiving Day
2. Bug fixes.

More Info:

Download Instructions:


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