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Android Uygulama Hi-Q MP3 Recorder v1.11.3

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Gönderim tarihi: 22 / Kasım / 2012 / Perşembe - 20:07

Hi-Q MP3 Recorder v1.11.2
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Record directly into high-quality MP3 files! TOP 10 APP IN GOOGLE PLAY / MUSIC
Record directly into high-quality MP3 files!

Record directly into high-quality MP3 files! TOP 10 APP IN GOOGLE PLAY / MUSIC

Record directly into high-quality MP3 files!


Record voice notes, songs, sermons, music, talks, or even concerts in high-fidelity 44 kHz audio sampling much better than the default sound recorder application. Unleash the true quality of your device's microphone!

★ Real-time MP3 recording no more waiting
★ Pause and resume recordings
★ Changeable bit rate from 32 up to 320 kbps
★ Selectable microphone (front or back/rear)
★ Alternate recording icon prevent unwanted attention
★ Manage existing recordings share, sort, rename, and delete them
★ Automatic stop when disk free space reaches a customizable limit
★ Input gain setting to make recording louder or softer

You can send recordings by email and Bluetooth* or by copying files directly from the phone via USB cables or from the SD Card.

Or share your recordings via Skype, WhatsApp, SoundCloud, Gmail, or store online via Evernote, Catch, Google Drive, and more*.

*Depends on availability on your device.


Please note that not every device supports high-quality sound recordings. You are encouraged to try the Lite version first to ensure that this app meets your needs. Some devices are forced to record in 22 kHz and max 128 kbps, if it's not possible to record in 44 kHz.

Recording phone calls is not supported!

Free version is available: Search for Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder (Lite). If you are not satisfied, just email me and you will get 100% refund!


The full version validates your purchase on Google Play, once. After installing, please open the app to let the license checker work. You'll need an Internet connection for this one-time check.


Explanation about used permissions:

FULL INTERNET ACCESS to send app stack trace when it crashes. No personal data.

READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY to detect when a phone call is made, so recording can be stopped to prevent audio corruption. Phone numbers, IMEI, or other serial numbers are not accessed at all.

MODIFY/DELETE USB STORAGE/SD CARD CONTENTS to store recordings in USB or SD card storage.

Whats New:
★ Fix crash when changing recording storage location on several devices (e.g. Galaxy Note II)
★ More precise seeking when playing back recording
★ 2 new languages

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:


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